Usability testing?

“A process that employs people as testing participants, who are representative of the target audience, to evaluate the degree to which a product meets specific usability criteria.”

Rubin, J., & Chisnell, D. (2008). Handbook of usability testing how to plan, design, and conduct effective tests (2nd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pu

Our Solution

Bill/Split is a way to simplify the bill-paying process. First, take the receipt and scan it using in-app camera on your mobile phone. Once the receipt is scanned, the system will read the bill and extract all necessary data including each item, place, date, time, and total amount, separating each item into drag-able objects. Users have the freedom to choose as many people as they like in the transaction. They can split the bill equally with each person at a family-style eatery, or depending on their purchase, drag and drop items they want to pay for onto their own account, such as at the grocery store. The app will send an individualized total to each user in the transaction, allowing them to quickly send money via the cash app of their choice. The app will save all previous receipts and show how they were split, streamlining the bookkeeping process.


Low fidelity Prototype

Low fidelity Prototype