Creating personas

The personas are created displaying motivation of operating Facebook and their addiction traits. For the user characteristics employed for profiling the users were the type of usages. We interviewed 5 people about their demographic details, social media usages, motivations and addictions, focusing on Facebook Mobile App. Depending on their social media behavior we have categorized the people into three main Persona categories. 
The Lurker - The one who just browses and adds no content to social media
The Socialite - Constantly active, posts every thoughts and messages on media
The Aficionado - Passionate about something and shares his thoughts and interests 

Profile table:


Affinity Mapping

Our main user base is students, so to understand their needs and problems we interviewed university teenagers and young students. We conducted contextual inquiry focusing mainly on the frustration faced by people while splitting bills and sorting their finances.

To create the affinity diagram, we used Holtzblatt method.

This diagram is a hierarchical representation of the issues for your user population built from interpretation session affinity notes. In the diagram:

  • Yellow notes indicate affinity notes

  • Blue notes indicate theme of multiple affinity notes

  • Pink notes indicate common theme obtained from blue notes

  • Green notes summaries the theme of affinity notes. It tell the main user story.

Low-fidelity Prototype

High-fidelity Prototype