Bose Hear

Hearing aids & Hear app

Designer Producer

The first FDA-approved, over-the-counter, self-fitted hearing aids.

Duration July 2021- Dec 2021
Coordinated between Hardware, Software (iOS & Android), & Firmware Lead Engineers,  Designer, Researcher.
Bose Hear
Bose Hear app and hearing aids


Managed the Bose Hear app to expand compatibility with the hardware + firmware teams of Bose hearing aids.

Coordinated the needs across the leads of iOS, Android, software, hardware and UX teams.

Advocated the needs of UX design and research across the product stakeholders.

Accountable for the FDA-approvals, documentations and monitoring progress.

NDA protected work
Teams collaborated with


As a design producer for the Bose Hear app, I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including engineers, designers, and marketers, to achieve project goals. My role extended to coordinating with technical teams to ensure seamless integration with hearing aid hardware and firmware, optimizing performance across different models. Additionally, I navigated the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with FDA standards, requiring meticulous attention to detail and collaboration with stakeholders.

Overall, my role was multifaceted, encompassing design, functionality, hardware integration, and regulatory compliance, all aimed at delivering a user-centric and clinical sound application.