Google Lookout

Assisted Vision App

Accessibility-Interaction Designer

Lookout is an AI and AR-based vision app helping blind and low-vision users by announcing the detected text, objects, etc.

Team of 4 Engineers, 1 Researcher,  2 Product Managers, 1 Technical Project Manager, 1 Designer.
Duration Aug 2022- Dec 2023
Playstore logo
Lookout app welcome screen


Achieved 40% increase in the daily & monthly active users of Lookout, resulting in
100,000+ downloads & 50,000+ monthly active users.

Redesigned the app's UI + UX design.

Launched a new Reading feature in the app.

Introduced graphics + animated onboarding.

Lookout Text Mode, Reading Tools & Welcome screens

Project Goal

1. Migrate to latest Material 3 design system
2. Enhance reading experience.
3. Onboarding experience to help adjust with changes
‍4. esponsive design  mobile + tablet in portrait + landscape orientation.
5. Ensure compatibility with all necessary assistive technologies.

Previous version of Lookout app


Lookout app screens of the launched designs

Design Process

The design process for Lookout was a thoughtful and thorough journey, involving multiple reviews, critiques, and user testing to align with Google design standards, accessibility criteria, and compatibility with assistive technologies.

User research
Competitor analysis
Market analysis
User Personas
Pain points
Empathy mapping
How might we
Information architecture
User flow
Screen reader flow
Low fidelity
High fidelity
Design critics
Usability testing
Feedback analysis
Accessibility testing

Design Rationale

Lookout onboarding

The initial screen introduces users to Lookout through a graphical animation with vibrant colors. It caters to both new and existing users, welcoming newcomers with 'Welcome to Lookout' while informing existing users of updates with 'What's New.'

Welcome screen with onboarding animation

Onboarding experience

These changes were introduced to users with another onboarding animation that combines vibrant colors and instructive strings to guide blind users, while also considering visual and motion design for low-vision users.

Animation to introduce the layout changes

Reading feature

Added a new feature called Reading Tools. That act like an audio player, sits at the bottom of text pages for easy access to controls. It also leads to customizable settings for users to tailor their reading experience.

Sounds screen of the ABC app

Reading settings

Users can customize how the text is displayed and read by Lookout.

To accommodate screen reader users and those who don't require the toolbar, the reading settings page prioritizes the option to enable/disable the feature.

Lookout Reading Toolbar and settings page

AI-generated image captions

One standout feature at Lookout's launch was Image Q&A, enabling users to upload images for detailed AI-generated captions and answers to questions.

I created an onboarding animation illustrating the feature's user flow in the same style as the app's initial animation.

Generative-AI feature onboarding


Designing for Lookout challenged and enriched my UX skills.
This experience deepened my commitment to inclusive design, reinforcing its transformative potential. Overall, Lookout expanded my expertise in inclusive design, enhancing my user-centric decision-making skills.